Are you hoping to lose weight?  Looking to discover the most effective diet for your individual body and lifestyle? Trying to learn healthy cooking ingredients and techniques?  Wanting to gain more energy through diet and lifestyle change?

All are achievable through knowledge, exploration, and implementation.

Through books, articles, and the Internet, it’s easy for anyone to look up information on health and weight-loss.  However, with the overwhelming amount of information available, how do you know which health plan is right for you?

Phase 1: Knowledge.  Understanding how food affects your body is often the first step in changing your relationship with food.  You will learn which foods are the most nutrient-dense, which are nutrient-poor, and how these have differing effects on your body.  We will explore the holistic nature of nutrition, discovering how food, physical activity, and lifestyle factors play a role in overall health.  We will cover how to read labels on packaged foods to determine the nutritional value as well as how to navigate the world of eating out.

Phase 2: Exploration.  Everyone’s nutritional needs are different.  After learning the basics in Phase 1, we work together to explore what type of nutrition plan works best for you given your background, your goals, and your unique lifestyle. 

Phase 3: Implementation.  After we determine the components of your nutrition plan, we decide how to incorporate it into your lifestyle in a simple and sustainable way.

All programs are completely individualized.  We start with a free hour-long consultation to discuss your health and/or weight-loss goals and how I can help you achieve them.  Next, we choose which of my programs will best fit your needs . At our first meeting we will set up short- and long-term goals, which will determine the objectives we will work on throughout the program.